Welcome to the GIS Server Admin Plugin Download Page 

To begin, first make sure you have at least version 12.05 of Simple GIS Client installed on your machine.  You can download the latest Simple GIS Client version here Simple GIS Client Download.  If you do not have a valid license for Simple GIS Client, it is fully functional for 30 days after which time you will have to register Simple GIS Client by purchasing a license.  Simple GIS Client licenses are $70 per user per computer.  Licenses are a one time purchases and are not a subscription.  Next, to download the GIS Server Admin Plugin, click the "Download GIS Server Admin Plugin" button located at the bottom of this page.  Depending upon the browser you are using, you may be presented with different options as described below:

  • Google Chrome: When you click the "Download Now" button you should see the "GISServerAdminSetup.exe" file begin to download in the lower left corner of your browser window.  Once download completes, you should click on  the ^ arrow next to the file and select "Open" to launch the installer.
  • Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer: When you click the "Download Now" button, you may be prompted with a message box asking whether your wish to run or save the file.  You should click "Run".  Once the download is complete, the browser will then launch the installer. 
  • Firefox: When you click the "Download Now" button, you will prompted to save the file.  Select Yes and you should see a download progress in the upper right of your browser window.  Once complete, the progress bar will change to a  downward arrow.  Clicking on this arrow will present a dropdown where you should see the "GISServerAdminSetup.exe" file.  Click on this file to start the installation. 

​Once you run the GISServerAdminSetup.exe file and install the plugin, Simple GIS Client will automatically load the plugin when you begin a new project or load an existing project.

Installation notes:

  • Note: If you get an error running the installer, try temporarily disabling any antivirus software running on your machine.  Some antivirus software will prevent the installer from completing successfully.
  • GIS Server Admin Plugin is a "native" Windows application that acts as a plugin extension for Simple GIS Client, and as such must be installed on your device.  All Simple GIS Software is signed by our registered code signing certificate so you can be sure the installation your are running has been published by Simple GIS Software.  Code Signing certificates are used to digitally sign applications and software programs to prove that the file a user is downloading is genuine and has not been compromised.  Code Signing provides authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher named on the certificate. In addition, this also proves that the file has not been tampered with or hacked since it was signed.  When you launch the GIS.exe, you will likely receive the User Account Control dialog as shown below, depending upon your User Account Control settings in Windows.   
  • In this dialog, you should see the Verified publisher as Simple GIS Software, LLC.  You can also click on the "Show more details" link if you would like to see more detailed information about our code signing certificate.   In addition, no Simple GIS Software reports any user data of any kind.  For more information, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.  If you are presented with this dialog, select "Yes" to continue the installation.
  • Once installed, Simple GIS Client will automatically load the GIS Server Admin plugin into any new or existing Simple GIS Client projects.  Look for the new "Administer Simple GIS Server" menu located under the main "File" menu of your Map Data View document as shown below.