Simple GIS Client is a feature rich Microsoft Windows based GIS software application, powerful enough to run as a fully functional Desktop GIS Software application but lightweight enough to run on Windows laptops and tablets for field data collection or trip planning and navigation.  Easily connect GPS devices connected to your laptop or Windows tablet that supports the NMEA 0183 protocol.  When connected,  users can track their position in real time, create breadcrumbs, or use Simple GIS Client for turn by turn navigation.   Use it's OpenStreetMap data wizard to create detailed, fully routable and geocoded street maps by your state of interest in just a few clicks.  Don't want to create your own street map?  Then checkout the free USA Dataset & Project from our Free GIS Resources page (Still requires Simple GIS Client to be installed to run).   Also supports importing and exporting data in GPX file format for exchange with other GPS devices and/or users.  In addition, Simple GIS Client supports sophisticated visualization and analytics as well as a US Census data wizard for retrieval of US Census data for analysis.  Create high quality output to print directly or expose in common graphic formats for insertion into other common software packages.  Need to share projects or data with colleagues or team members?  Then check out our new Simple GIS Collaborate plugin extension for Simple GIS Client.  Also, be sure to check out our Tutorials/Examples page to see demonstrations of Simple GIS Client.  Get you free 30 day trial today!  What do you have to lose?

New Tile Map Services (TMS) Support Capabilities in Simple GIS
  • ​Georeference Vector or Raster Data to Known Coordinates -
    With a few clicks, georeference your image data using your basemap data as a reference.
  • Create Shaded Relief Imagery -
    Creating shaded relief imagery from elevation data provided in DEM or tiff format is a snap with Simple GIS Client.
  • Create Image Databases for Viewing Large Volumes of Imagery Data - 
    Simple GIS's image database allows you easily mosaic multiple images and view them as if a single image.

Powerful Editing Capabilities - Edit Existing Spatial Data or Create and Author Your Own

  • ​​Thematic Mapping -​​
    Advanced mapping support with advanced symbology, group layers, layer visibility control, filtering and more.

  • Map Production - 
    New map templates make it easier than ever to produce professional looking maps.  New support for map book generation allows you easily generate an entire map book for a given area.  Users can easily export maps to common graphic formats or create a PDF document of their map for sharing or including in presentations.  Simple GIS Client is a quality mapping software.

  • Export Georeferenced Maps!
    Export your maps or views as georeferenced jpeg, geotiff, or PDF documents.  Makes sharing your maps with other systems a breeze!

  • On The Fly Map Projections
    Supports North American 1927, North American 1983, and WGS 84 datums and over 700 coordinate reference systems.
  • Advanced Feature Labeling
    Advanced control of feature label placement including the use of highway shield symbology, spline labels, and more.
  • Easily add data charts to your layers
    Add bar or pie chart to layer rendering.
  • USGS National Map Data Wizard - 
    Users can easily connect to the National Map Service API for querying and downloading freely available data from the USGS.  Users can access current or historical topographic maps, elevation data, aerial imagery, and more!  See a tutorial here
  • Easily Generating Heat Maps
    Users can now very easily generate heatmaps from point data using kernel density or inverse distance weighting algorithms.    Easily analyze your event data or measurements to visualize concentrations or "hot spots".  See a tutorial here.  
  • Tile Mapping Service (TMS) Support - Now easily add mapping tile services as base maps to your map document.

Powerful Imagery Geoprocessing Capabilities

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 or higher

Vector Data Support

  • Shape Files
  • Simple GIS Graphic Layers
  • DXF Files
  • Simple GIS Server Vector or Graphic Layers
  • Event Layers with dbase, spreadsheet data, or any ODBC compliant data table.

Raster Data Support

  • BMP Files
  • Jpeg Files
  • Tiff Files
  • Jpeg 2000 Files
    MrSid Files
  • Simple GIS MRI (multi resolution image) files
  • Simple GIS Server Image Layers
  • Open GeoSpatial WMS
  • Open GeoSpatial WMTS
  • Tile Mapping Services (TMS)

As always, our products come with a free 30 day evaluation period.  Try Simple GIS Client for free here.

Simple GIS Client - Desktop GIS Software Illustration for Mapping Spreadsheet Data

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Spatial and Attribute Queries - 
    Perform powerful analysis by performing spatial queries such as finding all features that are contained within a boundary or that intersect other selected features or within a given distance of other features.  Also perform traditional attribute queries such as select all features whose population is greater than 250,000.
  • Create Buffers Around Selected Features -
    Perform powerful spatial and proximity analysis by creating buffers around selected features.  Excellent for analyzing and summarizing data within a specified proximity of selected features.  
  • Summarize Data​ -
    Summarize data of selected features to group and aggregate results.
  • ​Add Calculated Fields - 
    Create calculated fields to calculate new field values based upon other data.
  • Paste and Visualize Your Spreadsheet Data in Your Map -
    Copy and paste your spreadsheet data in your map to visualize your data in new ways. 
  • New! Data Wizards, Get US Census and Open Street Map Data On Demand - 
    Easily get the latest Census Data from the US Census Bureau's 5 year community survey for sophisticated data analysis or, pull the latest Open Street Map data by state for a local geocoded and routable detailed street map.
  • New! Improved data analytics -
    New analytics allow sophisticated analytics to aggregate and summarized data by drive time rings or buffers. 

​​​Simple GIS Client - Lightweight GPS Mapping Software for Windows Laptops & Tablets

With Simple GIS Client, you'll get an affordable, easy to use GIS software - great for GPS tracking, navigation, or creating breadcrumbs from your Windows laptop or tablet device. 

Powerful Data Visualization and Presentation - Easily Create High Quality Maps!

Simple GIS Client - Drive Time Ring Analysis

Highly Customizable

  • Scriptable Using VB -
    ​Contains VB engine and editor allowing you to write your own custom scripts with access to hundreds of objects and properties
  • New! - Integrated Debugger
    Debug custom VB procedures and functions by stepping line by line through procedures using the new integrated debugger.  Examine procedure variable and object values as lines are executed.
  • Add Custom Menus and Tool Buttons - 
    Capability to add your own menu and tool button items and rearrange appearance or removal of menus and tool buttons.
  • Plugin Architecture - 
    ​Save your customizations that can then be shared with other users and loaded into their projects

Get a Free Trial!

Simple GIS Client - Powerful Spatial Analysis & Visualization with US Census Data Wizard and Layer Charts

Tired of expensive and complicated GIS software systems that require a steep learning curve and large investment?


  • Easily Connect your USB GPS Device
    Communicates with GPS devices that support the NMEA 0183 protocol to provide real time tracking and navigation.  Create breadcrumb trails or follow your movements on your map.  When combined and configured with the Simple GIS Server application, can be used as a simple AVL (Automated Vehicle Location) System for fleet management.
  • OpenStreetMap Data Wizard - 
    Download detailed street data for your state(s) of interest.  Create fully routable and geocoded street maps.  Great for base maps, navigation, or analysis.
  • Geocoding DB Wizard - 
    Create a geocode database from State(s) and Counties of your choice from latest US Census Tiger data with just a few clicks.
  • Map Single or Multiple Street Addresses -
    Search for and map a single address or multiple addresses using the Batch Geocode tool.  Create your own Geocode database using Tiger data from the US Census Bureau (*See Free GIS Resources above) or use the pre-populated Geocode database with the SimpleUSA project & dataset.
  • Perform Street Level Routing Calculations
    Supports routing from a single origin to destination or calculating optimized routes to pass through several stops while traversing from an origin to a destination.
  • Calculate Drive Time Rings
    Easily calculate drive time rings at specified intervals around selected point for advanced spatial analysis.
  • GPX File Support - 
    Easily import or create GPX files for sharing data with other GPS devices or applications that support the GPX data exchange protocol.  Great for geocaching or other recreational activities. 

What our customers are saying:

"Simple in name but a powerful fully functional GIS software. Expected less received more."​        

              Mike Schaefer

​              Geo-Information Solutions

"Tremendous set of tools not offered elsewhere, especially for the price!"

             Frank Howell

             Professor Emeritus

             Mississippi State University

Powerful Spatial Analysis Capabilities

License can be purchased at any time from within the application or by clicking the buy now button on this page.  Pricing:  $50 one time (no subscription) license charge per user per computer. 

"Intuitive layout and interactive feel. Moving between, and editing, layers is easy. Working with projections is simple and far less complicated (to me anyway) than other programs."

                        David Jones

                        Paradex Inc.

Geocoding, Routing, and Navigation Support -

  • Add, Edit, or Delete Features - 
    Multi-user editing capable.  Create new features, edit existing features or delete features completely.  Supports Undo and Redo operations.
  • Vertex Editing Control with Snap to Capabilities -
    Fine editing control allowing you to move existing vertices, add new vertices, or delete existing vertices.  Supports snapping for precise control.
  • Cogo Editing Controls -
    Ability to add features using Cogo bearing and distance measurements, curves or coordinates.
  • Advanced Editing Features -
    Support for many advanced editing features such as feature line offset, line trim, fillet, split features and more.​​
  • Multi-User Reading & Editing of Shapefiles!
    Allows multiple users to read and edit shapefiles simultaneously.  Best software you'll find for creating, reading and editing shapefiles.​

Easy To Use GIS Software for GPS Tracking & Navigation.  Works Great with USB Connected GPS Devices!  

No hassle trial!  No sign up required!  Simply click the Try It Free button to be brought to the Simple GIS Client download page.  Download the installation exe file and run to install on your computer.  Trial version requires no registration and is fully functional for 30 days.  (Windows 7 or higher required)