Simple GIS Software

January 2, 2018

Simple GIS Client - Version 10 has been released!  Our most comprehensive and powerful release to date.  Version 10 introduces many new features including:

  1. Support for generating heat maps from point data using kernel density or inverse distance weighting algorithms.
  2. Advanced buffer analytics. Generate buffers at specific intervals and perform spatial analytics on features within buffers. Also includes support for generating drive distance or drive time buffers.
  3. New USGS National Map Interface. Allows users from within Simple GIS to search for and download freely available data from the USGS National Map service including topographic maps, elevation data, aerial imagery and more!
  4. Powerful new map publishing capabilities including generating map books, displaying map reference grids, and publishing directly to PDF. New Map templates make publishing easier than ever.
  5. New Cogo editing tools. Allows users to easily add new features using Cogo tools.
  6. Includes new links to popular WMS and WMTS services. Easily add base maps from across the world. ​

​Version 10  is one of the most feature rich and inexpensive desktop GIS applications around.  As always, users can download a fully functional 30 day free trial and see for themselves all that Simple GIS Client offers.  For more information see our Simple GIS Client product page.


September 26, 2017

Simple GIS Client  - Version 9.5 has been released.  This release further improves rendering performance for imagery data plus offers improved performance for geocode matching and route analysis.  It also corrects a bug preventing users from adding dxf files to their maps. 

September 6, 2017

2017 SimpleUSA Project & Dataset - The 2017 SimpleUSA Street Map dataset & project has been released.  This is a free dataset provided by Simple GIS and is compiled from OpenStreetMap data as well as data from the US Census Bureau.  It also includes a Simple GIS routing and geocode database built from the OpenStreetMap data and US Census data.   The SimpleUSAProject file is a pre-configured  Simple GIS Client project file enabling users to use the geocoding and routing data within this dataset.  To download this dataset, visit the Free GIS Resources page of our website.

August 1, 2017

Simple GIS Client - Version 9.4 has been released.  This release improves rendering performance for imagery data and improved feature editing performance.  It also fixes a bug with the free hand editing tool with graphic layers.  In addition, version 9.4 improves the user experience for adding feature labels to the users map by automating some of the task required when setting up a layer's label definition.

July 18, 2017

Simple GIS Client - Version 9.2 has been released.  This release improves support for high resolution displays with sharper map rendering as well as sharper form and dialog box rendering.  In addition, a new Map Data View document export feature was added allowing the user to export their map as a georeferenced jpeg or bitmap image file that can be easily shared with other users.

June 18, 2017

Simple GIS Client - Version 9.1 has been released.  In addition to several bug fixes , this release corrects for recent changes in the US Census API service by the US Census Bureau to make sure the US Census Data On Demand wizard continues to function.  The Bureau is continuing to make changes to some of their API endpoints and Simple GIS will continue to correct the US Census Data Wizard in future releases as these changes become available.  In addition, memory management for the Open Street Map Data Wizard has been improved in version 9.1.  For some of the larger datasets associated with larger states, users with limited memory on their computers might have experienced difficulty downloading and processing these datasets.  Version 9.1 corrects this by limiting the amount of memory consumed in processing these larger datasets.  

June 17, 2017

Simple GIS Server - Version 3.2 has now been released.  This release offers significant improvements to the ease of publishing maps created in Simple GIS Client as as Web Mapping Service ( WMS ).  This version allows you to publish WMS maps very quickly and easily that can then be consumed by GIS clients that support the OGC WMS protocol.  This includes common "slippy map" java script mapping libraries that support the WMS protocol.

​​May 3, 2017

Simple GIS Client - Version 9.0 has now been released.  With this release comes many new features including data wizards to download and process data from the US Census Bureau and OpenStreetMap.  Create fully geocoded and routable detailed street maps by state.  Also download Census data from the 5 year community survey conducted by the US Census Bureau down to the census block level.  Also includes improved support for WMS  and WMTS map services.  Connect to popular services for background imagery and topology.  Includes a re-designed user interface for an overall improved user experience plus a fully integrated debugger makes customization easier than ever.

October 1, 2016

Build 8.2 of Simple GIS Client has been released.  This build incorporates and extends the features of the previous Simple GPS plugin as core functionality of Simple GIS Client making this functionality available to purchasers of the Simple GIS Client application for free!  With this new release, Simple GIS Client users can create their own Geocode and routing database for offline geocoding and routing functionality. 

2016 SimpleUSA Project & Dataset - In conjunction with the new release of version 8.2 of Simple GIS Client, we have released our 2016 SimpleUSA Project and Dataset.  This is a free download that provides a comprehensive GIS dataset of US streets, boundaries, cities, and points of interest. The SimpleUSA project is a free project to use with the Simple GIS Client application.  In addition, this dataset contains a national Geocode database based upon Tiger 2015 data from the US Census Bureau.  It also includes a national street routing database.  Our plan is update this dataset annually.

March 23, 2016

Build 8.1 of Simple GIS Client has been released.  This is a minor version upgrade that provides improved rendering and projection performance and enhanced buffering analytics.   To view an example of the new enhanced buffering analytics available, view the  video tutorial "Using Buffers in Simple GIS Client Application".