Simple GIS Software

​​May 3, 2017

Simple GIS Client - Version 9.0 has now been released.  With this release comes many new features including data wizards to download and process data from the US Census Bureau and Open Street Maps.  Create fully geocoded and routable detailed street maps by state.  Also download Census data from the 5 year community survey conducted by the US Census Bureau down to the census block level.  Also includes improved support for WMS  and WMTS map services.  Connect to popular services for background imagery and topology.  Includes a re-designed user interface for an overall improved user experience plus a fully integrated debugger makes customization easier than ever.

October 1, 2016

Build 8.2 of Simple GIS Client has been released.  This build incorporates and extends the features of the previous Simple GPS plugin as core functionality of Simple GIS Client making this functionality available to purchasers of the Simple GIS Client application for free!  With this new release, Simple GIS Client users can create their own Geocode and routing database for offline geocoding and routing functionality. 

2016 SimpleUSA Project & Dataset - In conjunction with the new release of version 8.2 of Simple GIS Client, we have released our 2016 SimpleUSA Project and Dataset.  This is a free download that provides a comprehensive GIS dataset of US streets, boundaries, cities, and points of interest. The SimpleUSA project is a free project to use with the Simple GIS Client application.  In addition, this dataset contains a national Geocode database based upon Tiger 2015 data from the US Census Bureau.  It also includes a national street routing database.  Our plan is update this dataset annually.

March 23, 2016

Build 8.1 of Simple GIS Client has been released.  This is a minor version upgrade that provides improved rendering and projection performance and enhanced buffering analytics.   To view an example of the new enhanced buffering analytics available, view the  video tutorial "Using Buffers in Simple GIS Client Application".