GIS software provides all the capabilities to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, and present spatial and geographic data.  GIS mapping software not only produces and presents maps, but it has powerful analytic capabilities to help you solve real world problems dealing with spatial  relationships between objects.  GIS mapping software combines the capabilities and power of a traditional database and expands it to location or spatial data.  Whether you're wanting to calculate the intersection between overlapping areas, or select the optimal location for opening a new store front based upon the potential customer base within a specific proximity, GIS mapping software can help you answer these questions.  The proximity analysis capability in GIS software is also great for infrastructure companies performing corridor studies to determine possible impacted areas.  And, when you've completed your analysis, GIS mapping software can create stunning map presentations to help communicate your ideas.  You can even integrate GPS data to show real time location information in your GIS mapping software or provide routing and navigation information from within your GIS software.  Listed below are the GIS software products we provide to help you find solutions to your problems.  

Simple Map Viewer Application

Simple GIS Server - GIS Mapping Software

Looking for functionality not included in Simple GIS Client.  Then check out our list of available plugins for Simple GIS Client.  Simple GIS Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your Simple GIS Client application.  Easy to install, Simple GIS plugins load automatically into new or existing Simple GIS projects providing additional functionality not available in Simple GIS Client.  Check out the list of available plugins for Simple GIS Client by clicking the button below.

Ever have the need to share GIS data across a local or wide area network or internet to your GIS mapping software, but don't want the hassle of setting up and administering a full RDBMS or web server.  Or do you want to avoid replicating file based data across multiple file servers?  Then Simple GIS Server may provide what you're looking for.  With Simple GIS Server, you can setup and serve out your shapefiles, graphic layers, tabular data, or imagery data to your Simple GIS mapping software  clients within minutes.    Also, Simple GIS Server is a self contained web server.  So if you want to serve out your spatial data as a OGC Web Map Service or as a Tile Mapping Service to other desktop GIS software or web slippy map clients, this can be accomplished as well literally within minutes.  To see all the features Simple GIS Server can offer you and how easy GIS software can be, click here

Simple GIS Client is a full featured GIS mapping software for Microsoft Windows.  Powerful but lightweight, Simple GIS Software is great for Windows desktops, laptops, and many Windows tablets, a perfect replacement for MapPoint.  With Simple GIS mapping software, viewing, analyzing, or editing spatial data is just a few clicks away.  Simple GIS software supports thematic mapping, selection sets, filtering, spatial and attribute queries, multi-user shape file editing and viewing, advanced editing features, map production, geocoding, routing, and much more.  Easily connect GPS devices for tracking, navigation, or creating breadcrumbs.  New data wizards allows users to retrieve US Census Data or ©OpenStreetMap data on demand as well as easily connect to and map data from your Excel spreadsheets.  Simple GIS Client also contains many powerful imagery geoprocessing tools and you can even customize Simple GIS mapping software using VB with access to hundreds of properties and methods.  Yet, with all of these features, Simple GIS Client is one of the most affordable GIS mapping software packages you will find.  Don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.  To see all the features Simple GIS mapping software can offer you and how easy GIS software can be, click here

Simple Map Viewer Application

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Simple Map Viewer application is a free application allowing users to view and query portable map documents published from the Simple GIS Collaborate plugin for Simple GIS Client.  Portable map documents provide a convenient mechanism to share interactive maps with colleagues and clients.  For more information about the free Simple Map Viewer application click here 

Simple GIS Plugins for Simple GIS Client

Simple GIS Client - Desktop GIS Software