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Tutorial demonstrating the basics of setting up and using Simple GIS Server

Tutorial demonstrating using Simple GIS Server as an AVL ( Automated Vehicle Location ) service.

Simple GIS Server is a Microsoft Windows self contained TCP/IP and Web Server to serve vector and/or raster data to Simple GIS Clients across data networks or provide Open GeoSpatial Web Mapping Services ( WMS ).  Version 3.2 makes it easier than ever to take maps created in Simple GIS Client and publish them as a WMS.  Key features include:

  • Client/server high speed access to vector,raster, and  tabular data.
    Simple GIS Clients can connect to Simple GIS Server for high speed data access across your private or public network.  Simple GIS clients can perform all rendering, analytical, or editing functions as if accessing the data locally.

  • Publish vector or raster data via Open Geospatial Consortium's Web Mapping Services standard.
    Make your map data available to any client compatible with OGC's Web Mapping Services (WMS) standard.  Combine with slippy map libraries to create powerful web map applications.

  • Combine with our Simple GPS Plugin extension for powerful AVL solution.
    When combined with our Simple GPS plugin extension running on Simple GIS Clients in the field, you have a powerful and yet very affordable AVL (Automated Vehicle Location) solution.  Great for fleet monitoring and management.  

  • Secure your data with user authentication and encryption.
    AES256 encryption support for client/server communications with Simple GIS Clients. 
    SSL support for publishing WMS data.
    You can opt to add user roles to require user authentication for data access.  

As always, our products come with a free 30 day evaluation.  Try it for free here.

Simple GIS Server

Publish Maps created in Simple GIS Client as a Web Mapping Service ( WMS ).  Create web map applications using freely available javascript map libraries like OpenLayers.