2.  On the next screen, you must read and accept the end user license agreement before proceeding.  Once you have reviewed the end user license agreement, select the "I accept the agreement button" to proceed to the next step.  A copy of the end user license agreement for Simple GIS can be reviewed here Simple GIS Client User License Agreement as well as our Terms of Use.  Once you select "I accept", click the next button to proceed to the next step.

1.  Simple GIS Client is a "native" Windows application and as such must be installed on your device.  As such, when you launch the installer, you may be prompted by Windows whether you wish to allow this app to make changes to your device.  In addition, it will list Simple GIS Software, LLC as the verified publisher.  All Simple GIS Software is signed by our registered code signing certificate so you can be sure the installation your are running has been published by Simple GIS Software.  In addition, no Simple GIS Software reports any user data of any kind.  For more information, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.  If you are presented with this dialog, select "Yes" to continue the installation.  You will then see a Welcome dialog similar to the one below.  Select the "Next" button to proceed to the next step.

6.  You will now be presented with the ready to install dialog.  Review your installation settings and when ready, click the "Install" button to begin the installation. 

Welcome to the Simple GIS Client Download Page

To begin your download, click the "Download Now" button located below.  Depending upon the browser you are using, you may be presented with different options as described below:

  • Google Chrome: When you click the "Download Now" button you should see the "SimpleGISClientSetup.exe" file begin to download in the lower left corner of your browser window.  Once download completes, you should click on  the ^ arrow next to the file and select "Open" to launch the installer.
  • Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer: When you click the "Download Now" button, you may be prompted with a message box asking whether your wish to run or save the file.  You should click "Run".  Once the download is complete, the browser will then launch the installer. 
  • Firefox: When you click the "Download Now" button, you will prompted to save the file.  Select Yes and you should see a download progress in the upper right of your browser window.  Once complete, the progress bar will change to a  downward arrow.  Clicking on this arrow will present a dropdown where you should see the "SimpleGISClientSetup.exe" file.  Click on this file to start the installation. 

​Once your download is complete, launch the installer and follow the installation instruction below:

Simple GIS Client Installation Instructions

5.  Finally, you have the option of whether you wish to create a desktop icon for Simple GIS Client.  By default, this option is checked.  If you do not wish to create a desktop icon, you should uncheck this box.  Click the "Next" button to proceed. 

If you wish to uninstall the software later, locate and select "Uninstall Simple GIS" from the Windows Start menu folder in which Simple GIS Client was installed.

4.  The next screen allows you to change the application folder where Simple GIS Client shortcuts will appear in your Windows start menu.  You can accept the default or click "Browse" to choose a different folder.  Once done, click "Next" to proceed.

3.  Next, select the installation folder for the Simple GIS Client application.  You can choose to accept the default or click the "Browse" button to choose a different folder location.  When done, click "Next" to proceed to the next step.