Creating Calculated Fields in Simple GIS Client Application


  • This tutorial covers the basics of generating Heat Maps within Simple GIS.  Users can generate heatmaps using either a kernel density algorithm or interpolative inverse distance weighting algorithm.

View a descriptive tutorial here or the video tutorial to the right.

Performing Analytics in Simple GIS Client

Welcome to Simple GIS Tutorials page.  Simple GIS contains many powerful analytic tools to leverage against your data.  This page contains tutorials demonstrating a couple of these tools, generating heatmaps and buffering. 

Using Buffers in Simple GIS Client Application - Video GIS Tutorial

Viewing Elevation Profiles


  • This video GIS tutorial will demonstrate creating buffers in a Simple GIS Client project to perform sophisticated spatial analysis.   It will also cover creating drive time/distance rings. 


  • This video GIS tutorial will demonstrate creating calculated fields in a feature layer's attribute table using the Calculated Field Expression builder.  

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Creating Drive Time Rings with Census Data
  • Adding a calculated field to normalize field values
  • Using the Data Explorer to visualize results


  • This video GIS tutorial will demonstrate using the Proximity Analysis tool in Simple GIS Client to analyze the distance relationship between a point layer of customers and a point layer of service centers.​

Generating Heat Maps in Simple GIS

Using the Proximity Analysis Tool in Simple GIS Client


  • This video GIS tutorial will demonstrate viewing elevation profiles from raster digital elevation models in Tiff or DEM format.  This video also demonstrates importing tracks and waypoints from a GPX file and viewing the elevation profile of this data.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Viewing elevation profile of a line drawn along a raster digital elevation model.
  • Importing GPX files
  • Using the Elevation Profile tool to view the elevation profile of GPX tracks or points.
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