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Batch Geocoding Street Addresses from a CSV File or Excel Spreadsheet


  • This video GIS tutorial will demonstrate creating your geocode database using freely available Tiger data from the US Census Bureau and creating a geocode database using multiple datasources

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Creating new geocode database
  • Address mapping single address at a time
  • Using Batch Geocoding to map multiple addresses at one time.

Creating your own Geocode database using Tiger Data from the US Census Bereau


  • This GIS video tutorial demonstrates geocoding a set of street addresses from an Excel spreadsheet document into a new shapefile using the integrated US Census Geocoder service.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Creating a new project file from a project template
  • Batch geocoding street addresses from an Excel spreadsheet file.
  • Changing symbology on a shapefiles legend​

Geocoding in Simple GIS Client

Welcome to Simple GIS Client Tutorials page.  This page contains video tutorials covering the basics of geocoding in the Simple GIS Client application.  The videos below cover the basics of batch geocoding addresses from an Excel or csv file as well as creating your own geocode database.